Man vs. Food

Aidan’s birthday dinner pick was Buffalo Wild Wings so Tom could do the Man vs. Food Challenge and get his picture on the wall. (The Travel Channel show where a funny little fella eats across the country doing food challenges.)

The Blazing Challenge: eat of 12 of their hottest wings in six minutes without drinking anything or wiping your face or fingers. Tom even had to sign a waiver in case of death or bad gas.

So, some adorable 18-year old waitress comes over and stands at our table with a stop watch as my husband shoved wing after wing into his pie hole — eyes bulging, nose running, chin sweating — a real turn on. He completes the challenge in 4:22 and gets his free t-shirt but doesn’t get on the Wall of Fame because they ran out of Polaroid!

Tom finished, pounded a glass of milk and ran out of the restaurant to go home. He is still sweating. Aidan couldn’t be prouder!


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