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Last night, we had to fast-forward thru a suspenseful part of a movie because Aidan’s “penis was nervous.”

Yep, it was the scene in “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” where all the chaos breaks out while Blart is playing Guitar Hero. Apparently his privates are fine during fist fights, hostage situations and love scenes.

Can’t wait for puberty.


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I forgot to send Eileen to school today.

Basically, I have to blame my math skills. It was a two-hour late start because of the snow and I had it in my head that they start at 11. Plus Aidan has been home all week sick, so I think I’m just used to having an ongoing kid freak show. Then the cable guy came over, fixed the TV and blew out my internet. So I was on the phone getting that fixed so I could work. Hung up with them and the school office called.

“Hello Mrs. King, did you forget to call in?” says nice school person.

“Um, no, I thought I let you know that Aidan will be out all week.” (Proud for being so proactive.)

“Well, we are calling about Eileen. She is not at school.”

“I am such a jackass. I did the math wrong. I will be right over. Did anyone else forget to send their kid with this late start?”

“No, you’re the only one.”

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