8 Year Check Up

Overheard my son at bedtime: “Hey Eileen, today the doctor pulled down my pants and squished my nuts. Squishy! Squishy! It was hilarious!”

Aidan in his birthday suit.

August, 2003



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8 responses to “8 Year Check Up

  1. Laurie

    I don’t even know what to say! this whole blog is hilarious! Can’t wait to keep reading! good luck with this project. You and your family are hilarious!

    Laurie Plotkin

  2. Donna (DW)

    Karen — Congrats on the new blog! Can’t wait to read upcoming entries…..thanks for the laughs this morning. Almost blew coffee out my nose.

  3. Lisa

    omg. you and your family are hilarious. I know one day you will be on David Letterman or Jay Leno or at least the Late Show with Craig Ferguson!

  4. Peg

    Hey sista, thanks for the laughs! I’ve passed along so many of your hilarious stories already….and now a blog!! It doesn’t get any better than this. Congrats to you girlfriend, totally fab idea. : )

  5. Mary Kay

    Karen-one story is funnier than the next. I couldn’t stop myself and re-read everything from the beginning. My kids think I’m crazy giggling to myself at the computer! Keep them coming!

  6. Jackie

    OK, my husband thinks I’m f-ing nuts cause I’m laughing, crying and blowing my nose all at the same time. I can only hope my kid is half as funny as your (or that I’m sane enough to remember them!).

  7. Jackie

    It’s official – my husband thinks I’m f-ing nuts sitting here laughing, crying and blowing my nose…Thank you for making me laugh, I SO needed it.

    I can only hope that my kid is as cute, funny, clever, smart, sassy and sweet as your two! And I hope I’m sane enough to remember them after they happen.

    You are a lucky woman. Congrats on a great blog – can’t wait for the updates!

    • Thanks a million, Jackie! So glad that you got a few chuckles — that’s what this project is about. And you are right: I am a very lucky woman! Watch for more stories about the Mister. You know his material very well!

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