And the Award for the Most Pathetic Costume Goes to…

Pikachu and Queen Kong, 2008

Let me bring you back to 2008: Aidan decided that he wanted to be Pikachu from Pokemon (the equivalent to Dungeons and Dragons to me). I found the costume online for $50 and assured him that we would have a great time making our own get-up. As you can tell, it turned out exactly like the store-bought costume. And Eileen — the diva who wore princess gowns and ballerina tutus 24/7 for six straight years — insisted on using a “vintage” nappy monkey costume that we had in the dress up box to be Queen Kong.  Fortunately, we trick or treated with a large group, so no one knew that those were my kids!

Here are some other spooky memories from Halloweens of yesteryear…

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What was your most embarrassing costume when you were a kid?

(More blogs about Halloween past are on SITS Girls.)



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11 responses to “And the Award for the Most Pathetic Costume Goes to…

  1. Kim Pugliano

    That would be the costume I wasn’t allowed to wear because I was grounded for my smart mouth and bad attitude and all my friends and my sister got to trick or treat while I stayed in my room.


  2. Renee

    Ok, I went as a beer can (Old Style) in the when I was 7. I love the fact that you’re trick or treating at the Club! Hope the kids got some smokes!

  3. I was Rocky and I believe Colleen was the Hulk. Can you say lesbians…
    Can’t remember what you but, I am sure it was something good.

  4. LOL @ being in a big group and hoping no one knows which are yours!

    I blogged about my costumes from when I was little- they were always those plastic ones or pajamas.

  5. It is highway robbery what they charge for costumes nowadays, so I am all for the homemade. I thought he was Burger King at first, LOL! I would have guessed Pickachu if he had those giant rosy red dots on his cheeks. “A” for effort, though! And Queen Long…I love how your daughter thinks!

  6. The Pikachu costume is hysterical! Love it. Happy Halloween!

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