Costume Redemption

After my last attempt at making a costume (Poor Pikachu),  I tried to redeem myself this Halloween. Eileen wanted to be Lady Gaga in her nasty meat dress this year. I found bacon fabric online that I wanted to drape around her and call a day, but she insisted that it was a cop out. (Apparently, she found out about the B.S. Detector.) So I did what any sane mom would do and spent two hours hot glue gunning 50 lbs. of chicken jerky dog treats to a Goodwill dress.


Lady Gag Gag


Aidan was a Lego brick (again). While he is very cute, he’s not so bright.

Aidan, just think outside the box! (Stuck on the slide in costume.)

But it’s just not about the kids. Tom and I went to our friends’ party who are crazy-over-the-top when it comes to Halloween. Their house has been featured on the news and has caused major traffic jams from gawkers. Their neighbors just loved when a news helicopter swooped around their house at 6 a.m a couple of  years ago. Here are some highlights — my pictures don’t give their front yard justice:

Tom dressed up as Cam from Modern Family. “Hand to God!” Fortunately (?) all of the clothes were already in his closet. I went as the host, Paul, who won the Seattle Sutton Slim Down challenge this year and is a contest junkie. I did blow a fuse trying to blow-dry my hair to match his perfect coif.  The best part about dressing as the host is that I won awards for Best Costume, Most Original Costume, Scariest Costume and Sexiest Costume.

Cam and Lily (Sorry that I don't know how to pixelate the package)


Tom's Muse or Alter Ego

Speaking of sexiest costumes, almost every chick at the party was decked out as a slutty kitty, a naughty nurse, a provocative pilot and yes, a prostitute peacock. (Let your imagination go wild here.) Beside the gal dressed as a can of Red Bull, I was the only one who was guaranteed to not get lucky that night. (Unless Tom was into Paul. Or Pat from SNL. Or a librarian dressed as a gay gym teacher.) We got the hell out of there before the orgy broke out! Good times~

From Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Paul and Paul

My Muse: The Original Paul



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4 responses to “Costume Redemption

  1. haha @ lady gag gag. hey, that’s a pretty good costume considering a meat dress is pretty gross lol i showed my husband cos i started laughing at the lady gag gag bit. he said, ‘that’s cute’, when i showed him the pic :o)

  2. Maria Kudra

    GREAT costumes all around.
    I have to admit Tom’s was my favorite.
    It made me laugh when I heard about, but thanks for the pictures. Seeing it made me laugh even harder.

    Keep the laughs coming!

  3. Yes, fortunately (?) Tom is a natural at being Cam.

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