Blog Backlash or Maybe I Really Am Kate Gosselin


Aidan has the Blues, 2003

My kids never listen me. Except when I am having a curse-filled, catty private conversation on the phone. In the basement. Locked in the laundry room.

Naturally, my kids have overheard mentions about this blog and are curious what it’s all about. Especially since they are banned from it.  So last night, I read a few stories from the site (skipping over some swears) and the three of us were crying from giggling so hard. They are such good sports and seemingly impervious to my constant blabbering. Like I’ve said before, they knew what they were getting into when they were born.

Aidan was laughing the hardest about the pee machine, my soggy butt, wiping his arse and Nick Jonas’ graffiti penis. But when I read the story about how I found turds under his bed, he had a complete meltdown. And not over the part about the fossils or smelling like a monkey house. He was mortified that I thought that the stench could be from urine. “Now people around the world think that I peed on my sheets!”

For the record, we have joked over this incident many times in the past. I felt horrible and assured him that it was clear that the story took place when he was really little, but he was pissed. I told him that I would delete that part — which I did.

That’s when he screamed, “This is just great! All these stories are about me getting into trouble so you can make a living on Google!”

Then Eileen piped in and said, “You know, Aidan is the star of most of those stories, so if you want to write more about how funny I am, that’s fine with me!”

So help me God, if I find a preserved, BeDazzled crap under her bed I will shut this thing down. What the hell did I get myself into?



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8 responses to “Blog Backlash or Maybe I Really Am Kate Gosselin

  1. Stacy

    absolutely hilarious. i heart your kids. and your bog. keep it coming girlfriend, some days (weeks?) it’s the biggest laugh i have!

  2. I am absolutely rolling on the floor LAUGHING!!! I saw the picture of your son and then I was a goner. What is it about a kid’s mad face that sends a mom into hysterics (in the inside of course). As soon as I saw “freakshow” I said, “I’m hooked!” Believe me, I have one here too! Check out my blog I am a slacker too, but I am working on today’s post right now. Check back later on for the latest!

  3. Rob Williams

    I have absolutely laughed my ass off so many times…I hope someone picks up your blog and publishes it!!!! Some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever read. GREAT JOB and your a true Saint after all you do have to put up with Kingers crap on top of it!!! GO STACK

  4. FINALLY a post is up. Not the one I said I was going to put up mind you.

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